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Note that this generator is unfinished - the list of possibly alchemical reagents from which the recipes are generated is still very limited. This will be significantly expanded in a future release.

If all of the sorcerers across Legend produced potions to the same recipes and clearly labelled their creations in a common language, there would be no need for a tool to generate descriptions of the many brews available to Dragon Warriors alchemists. Without such conformity in sorcerous circles, individual sorcerers may produce potions with the same game effects in many different guises that, even where labelled at all, may be in code, in an unknown language, or simply misleading to entrap those foolish enough to steal from an alchemist.

Being able to describe a potion's colour, viscosity, taste further immerses a player in the rich tapestry of wonder that the Dragon Warriors game provides. And games masters should not forget that with different alchemists guarding their secrets, it is unlikely that two independent alchemists will create a potion with the same in-game properties that also has the same physical properties as another alchemist. Players may sigh with relief when that murky brown potion with a bitter aftertaste turned out to be a potion of healing, but that's no guarantee that they next potion that matches that description that they find will heal them...

To create variety in the potion descriptions that this generator produces, where the Dragon Warriors rulebook specifies the cosmetic properties of a potion or magical compound, these have been ignored.