Welcome to the Dragon Warriors Workshop!

Take the hard work out of building an immersive Dragon Warriors adventure with the use of these automated tools. Simple enough to run on most browsers, including mobile devices, these utilities can even be used during play.

I am (at best) a novice programmer, so any feedback, encouragement, or suggestions would be most welcome!

Character Generator

Generate a human, elf or dwarf character of any canon profession (including those from Ordo Draconis) up to Rank 15, or just use it to generate stats for an unranked NPC. You never know when you are going to need those stats!

Rank Equivalence

Determining the Rank Equivalence for a new creature (or even an official creature) can be more art than science. This tool will let you pit your creation against an average Knight and an average Barbarian to help to determine its rank equivalence.


Stumbled upon a cache of treasure? Use this generator to quickly determine what you have found.

Random Encounters

Generate an encounter for your party, complete with the treasure to be looted from the lairs and cold dead corpses of your fallen opponents.


Generate a random Dragon Warriors potion, complete with a full flavour-text description and ingredients.


Generate unique abominations dredged from the bowels of Hell to challenge your players.


No more will libraries be little more than a source of kindling for adventurers, with this generator, they can now be a source of knowledge, too.


The Seers of Wyrd have long understood the power of the stars to weave our fates. This application will generate a fun horoscope for your character.