Monopoly in the Lands of Legend

During long dark evenings in the quiet towns across Legend, once all the work has been done and fear of the denizens of the night keep the good folk indoors, many families while away an evening locked in fantasy - pretending to be wealthy merchants traveling the Lands of Legend in search of markets for their luxury goods. High levels of literacy or skill are not required to play Legendopoly, so it has enjoyed enduring success even amongst the most ignorant of peasants!

Whilst the game cannot (yet!) be played in the Pavilion, sets are available to take away free to assemble around your own hearth.

Legendopoly Rules

Not sure how to play Legendopoly? These simple two-page instructions explain how to play and what to do when you land on each square. This game is very similar to, but not quite the same as, the game of Monopoly.

Legendopoly Board

Download, print off, cut up and assemble this document. Once assembled, it should fit nicely over a standard-sized Monopoly board but can just as easily be glued to a breakfast cereal box.

Legendopoly Cards

Has the luck of the dice determined that you are brought to the attention of Fate and Fortune? Draw a playing card and refer to this sheet to see what has befallen your merchant.

Legendopoly Properties

All the property cards containing all the income that can be earned from another merchant visiting your markets. If you prefer, these sheets can be stuck to cards and handed out to players rather than use the Merchant Record Sheets.

Legendopoly Merchants

Record your Merchant's progress through the game on this simple Record Sheet. Tick the box when you corner a market and additional boxes when you build market stalls and market halls.