The Cobwebbed Forest

Alternate Dragon Warriors Professions

Whilst game balance is not as important as the role-playing potential of a Dragon Warriors profession, I felt that the professions as-written did not offer sufficient variety and potential for players looking for something new and interesting to play. Similarly, though, one of the things I really like about Dragon Warriors is the simplicity, so did not just want to introduce more and more professions, which would only serve to restrict a player's flexibility in whatever their chosen profession happened to be.

These professions are replacement professions for the Dragon Warriors games, not supplemental to the existing ones in the rulebooks. Class-based systems went out of fashion a few years ago, not because class-based systems do not work but because implementations of them can be cumbersome. Hopefully, the few professions proferred before you now provide sufficient scope and flexibility to provide plenty of enjoyable play without being a burden to manage.

Most of these professions are still in draft and are made available here as interim documents only. As I continue to develop and play test these professions, they will inevitably be updated.