Heroes of Legend, the Dragon Warriors!

Dragon Warriors is a game of bold heroes that deserve a little more attention than they are given in the basic rules. Within the hallowed hall of heroes, the legions of the Cobwebbed Forest get a closer look, looking at the numbers with which they start life, the professions in which they train, the races they'll encounter, and far more besides.

It is with their character that a player will explore the Dragon Warriors game and the Lands of Legend themselves, so whilst some of this content may expand on the basic offerings in the core rulebook, there should be nothing that detracts from the Dragon Warriors experience. A lot of this content is still pending a thorough play-test, though, so comments and feedback are always welcome!

Ability Scores

A look at numbers, old and new, that make up each dragon warrior.


Alternate Dragon Warriors Professions


A simple mechanic for introducing skills to the Dragon Warriors game.


Tools with which to arm and equip your Dragon Warriors hero.


Need help keeping your Dragon Warriors hero alive? Help is at hand.