DragWars is the name of the Dragon Warriors discussion group hosted by Yahoo that has been around for several years. Sadly, however, the archive is difficult to mine for relevant articles and information, so I created a quick index of discussions that piqued my interest - it is far from a comprehensive index of all discussions, as I have weeded out A LOT of articles and discussions:

The last point took me a particularly long time to decide whether to keep in or out, but as a role-playing game, I eventually decided that discussions around the relevant effectiveness in combat are irrelevant - what is relevant is that a character has a role to play, not how good they are in combat.

The Index

With the above in mind, the following is a (growing) list of indexed DragWar discussions. Only the first message in a thread is hyperlinked - other messages in that discussion can be accessed through the Yahoo Groups interface.

Elves and their Shadows (which continues here)
Armour Bypass Rolls of Various Weapons
Initiative Based on Intelligence
Alternative Combat Mechanic
Parry and Evasion
Ability Checks