Published Adventures

As part of my updates to the Dragon Warriors RPG, I have also reviewed (and, in some cases, rewritten) some of the published adventures to accommodate the new professions, abilities, skills, and spells. Often, I have also updated the weaker areas of the adventures (such as those bits that do not align with my own principles for a good adventure, for example) and expanded the adventures with more scenes to suit my campaign.

You must own the original adventure to unlock these files, as they contain copyrighted text from the original adventures and these are not provided here to bypass your need to purchase the originals, merely to inspire your own adventures in Legend.

Under the Rocks

Given away free during the 2009 RPG Day, this short adventure is a great introduction to Dragon Warriors for new players.

The password for this file is the final word on page 24 of the RPG Day Dragon Warriors download in which this adventure appeared (all lower case; no punctuation).

Download the updated Under the Rocks adventure

King under the Forest

King Under the Forest

If you have not yet seen the original King under the Forest adventure and would like to parse its greatness, Magnum Opus Press have made the Sleeping Gods release of King under the Forest available as a free PDF from their blog. I don't know for how much longer this will continue to be available now Magnum Opus Press no longer hold the licence to publish Dragon Warriors, so if you do not yet have it, get it soon...

A full-colour map for the King under the Forest underworld is available in the Maps area of this Library.

The password for my modified version of the adventure is last word of the two-paragraph description to be read to the players for section 12 - all lower case and without punctuation.

Download the updated King under the Forest adventure