Fan-Written Adventures

There are many excellent published adventures available from Serpent King Games' online shop and Dave Morris's blog but for the GM looking for even more adventure in the Lands of Legend, the community of Dragon Warriors fans does not disappoint!

If anyone knows of any more fan-written adventures (or has written any themselves they would like promoted/hosted), please let me know.

Repositories of Adventure

Dragon Warriors Wiki

Dragon Warriors Wiki

Possibly the single largest repository of fan-written adventures for Dragon Warriors, including a plethora of adventure seeds just waiting to be written up into full scenarios.

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Shaun Hatley's Archive

Library of Hiabuor

Shaun regularly runs Dragon Warriors adventures at conventions then makes them available from his Great Library of Hiabuor site.

Also in this archive are a couple of Damian May's adventures - Damian is co-author of the published Fury of the Deep adventure (amongst other Dragon Warriors materials), so worth checking out.

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Other Adventures