Adventures from Dave Morris

Dave Morris is one of the original authors of the Dragon Warriors RPG and continues to share nuggets from the Lands of Legend on his blog, or otherwise. I have collected together the adventures that Dave has been generous enough to share.

The Dean's Folly

The Holly King

A guest adventure by Tim Harford. An unfinished cathedral; a priceless relic; a demonic ritual - what's not 'Lands of Legend' about that?


The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans

As greedy accomplices to the schemes of a powerful demonologist, what could possibly go wrong for the adventurers? Originally written for Runequest and included as a bonus in a box of Citadel Miniatures demons, this adventure is now available for Dragon Warriors.

Download Dave Morris's Best Laid Plans adventure

The Holly King

The Holly King

A festive Christmas-time scenario by Tim Harford about a plot by the Magi of Krarth to return to Legend by subverting a traditional ritual.


The Hollow Men

The Hollow Men

Sole survivors of a massacre, the characters have a chance to have their revenge!

Download Dave Morris's Hollow Men adventure

The Serpent's Venom

If you haven't yet got hold of In From the Cold or Cold Fury, then you won't have seen this adventure - now's your chance to get it free!


A Box of Old Bones

Box of Old Bones - Central Ellesland

Another adventure from In From the Cold and Cold Fury that, in addition to being a great adventure, provides important insights into the organization and workings of the True Faith, particularly its institutions such as abbeys and monasteries.


Silent Night

Crossgate Manor

An atmospheric yuletide-themed adventure set in Crossgate, a small manor just south of the Coronach Marsh.


A Ballad of Times Past

Ballad of Times Past

This adventure has not only been published in In From the Cold but also made freely available as a 4-part series on Dave Morris's blog. Strictly speaking, this is not an adventure set in Legend, but uses the Dragon Warriors rules, so is included here for completeness.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Wayland's Smithy

A curious encounter with the unworldly Lady of Baptismal and a chance to carouse in a great mead hall are preludes to a perilous subterranean expedition.


Freeze Thy Blood Less Coldly

Estring Bottom and St Stephens

A guest adventure penned by Steve Foster. An ancient monolith and a pagan ritual spark a hunt for a murderer.


The Tower of Horglin

Another guest adventure, this time from Paul Mason, that starts with a distraught woman seeking release from a powerful curse. How could any noble hero refuse?


The Honey Trap

The Honey Trap

A two-part adventure that would have the noble adventurers guard a fortune in silver as they travel through deep woods to trade for a special honey liqueur.

Part 1 - Part 2

More Precious than Gold


An adventure originally written to launch a new campaign setting for Dragon Warriors, Invaders and Ancients, based around the discovery of a New World, which could easily be adapted to other locations in Legend.

Introduction - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Map

Monster Hunt!

Oni the Lonely (Monster Hunt)

Need an excuse for a brawl in a port town in north-western Cornumbria and a monster hunt on a remote island just off the coast? Well, look no further...

Part 1 - Part 2 - Map

The Lone and Level Sands

Lone and Level Sands

A desert adventure for the characters to go tomb robbing. In addition to the adventure itself is also guidance for running out of water.

A version of this adventure was published in In From the Cold.