Published Dragon Warriors Material

Old Edition

The original Dragon Warriors books were published as 6 paperbacks in the mid-1980s. Whilst not currently available to purchase, they are included here because there are some discrepancies between the original edition and the new edition so are worth collecting, if you can find them.

New Edition

The new edition repackaged all of the original material, adding new artwork, and developed Dragon Warriors beyond its original scope. There have been a number of supplements written for the new edition, with some overlapping content. This guide lists all of the supplements and what you need to complete your collection.

Blood Sword

Bloodsword is a series of 5 gamebooks set in Legend that can be played solo or with friends (up to 4 characters can run through the books at once). These books can be mined for background on Krarth and plenty of flavour. Dave Morris also novelised these books in a trilogy known as the Chronicles of the Magi.


Dragon Warriors has inspired some great supplementary material released by licence-holders and fans alike. Given the volatility of the RPG market (and the operators in it), there is no guarantee how long some of this material will remain available...