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Dragon Warriors has inspired some great supplementary material available in a few key sources, the first of which is a short-lived series of two fan-published eZines, Ordo Draconis, the second is from Signs & Portents, a periodical published by Mongoose Publishing, who held the licence to publish Dragon Warriors material at the time. Lastly, material that was destined for the Players' Guide, but didn't quite make the final cut, is freely available in the form of Cadaver Draconis.

Ordo Draconis 1

Ordo Draconis 1

From the Horse's Mouth

Dave Morris and James Wallis answer some Dragon Warriors questions.

Rules of the House

Some house rules to balance play, including a proposed single mechanic option, new skills of the mighty for knights and barbarians, the effect of starvation and dehydration, and adding a little uncertaintly to death.

The Friar

A new adventuring professional, the friar, is a mendicant priest or lay person, different from monks in that a monk is expected to live cloistered while a friar lives out int he world, doing charities and good works and dealing closely with people.

Along the Road

A collection of short encounters set in Darbon, featuring a rather aggressive bovine, the search for a legendary sword, a sinister pool and cave that may provide the final answer to the mystery of some missing sailors...

The Thuland Campaign

The first part of a series charting the progress of an ongoing PBM campaign set in southern Thuland.

The County of Anglicia

Anglicia is one of the smallest counties in Albion but at the same time one of the most powerful. The county has always been the breadbasket of the kingdom, with flat fields for growing crops and pastures for raising sheep & cattle.

Believing in Faerie

The fay of Legend aren't Tolkien or Gygax, but an entirely alien melange of nature spirits as disparate among themselves as humans from Thuland to the Sinistine Empire

The Ruins of Castle Cerreg

A basic slot-in adventure set within the thick bordering forest in the far south-east of Darbon, fifteen miles south of Cully.

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Ordo Draconis 2

Ordo Draconis 2

Northern Cornumbria

A poster map of northern Cornumbria.

The Thane Profession

Martial champions and stalwart of the shield-wall, the Thane is a primal warrior whose fury grants him powers beyond the ken of mere fighters.

Darbon Barony

Nestling within the southern tip of Cornumbria, th Barony of Darbon is a prosperous domain that is full of secrets and unexplained happenings.

Fireside Tales

An eerie short story set amidst the swirling mists of the Coronach Marshes, with a sting in the tail.

Location! Location! Location!

Uneasy peace has reigned in Eastmarch since it was wrested from Cornumbria forty years ago and made into an Albish fief. The town is now a hotbed of rebellion and intrigue and is detailed as a base setting for adventurers intent on exploring the trackless wastes of the Coronach Marshes.

Codex Cryptozoologica

A look at a rare and most monstrous denizen of Legend, the hideous Buggane.

Along the Road

A look at some distinctly Cornumbrian local legends to add a bit of regional flavour to any adventure.

The Thuland Campaign

A continuation of Cameron Smith's epic PBM.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

A Dragon Warriors adventure for 4-6 1st-rank characters. The serenity of a remote Cornumbrian abbey is shattered by a cabal of pitiless assassins who plot to plunge Cornumbria into civil war in this murder mystery.

What's in a Name

Ever been floored when players asked you the name of the pot-boy or the ostler? Want a few celtic-sounding words to add colour to your Cornumbrian adventure?

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Signs & Portents #64: Betrayal at Desolate Mountain

Signs & Portents #64

Beneath the jagged slopes of Mount Desolate are the remains of an ancient prison. Abandoned by a long-forgotten people, this gaol has become a haven for renegades and foul beasts. Drawn by tales of lost treasure and magical items, the site also serves as a beacon for adventurers and treasure hunters. When the PCs become involved in a rescue mission, how will they fare in the treacherous tunnels of this former prison?

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Signs & Portents #65: Exotic Weapons for Dragon Warriors

Signs & Portents #65

The new Dragon Warriors rulebook provides statistics for most common medieval weapons. However, players often enjoy letting their characters get hold of more unusual implements of war. Presented here is a selection is more esoteric weapons, from various periods of history and from a range of cultures.

This article also introduces some optional rules that cover the particular quirks of different weapons. This adds another level of complexity to combat, more accurately reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of these armaments.

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Signs & Portents #67: Critical Hits for Dragon Warriors

Signs & Portents #67

Adding descriptions of specific injuries and blows is a great way to bring battles to life. The Dragon Warriors rulebook, whilst providing simple rules for critical hits, suggests that players consider inventing their own tables to determine the consequences of specific wounds. If you want to know exactly what that arrow in the ogre's chest has done or that mace-strike on an opponent's knee, then look no further! Presented here is a complete set of critical hit tables, covering just about anything that your PC might choose to pick up and use as a weapon.

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Signs & Portents #68: Arcana of the Elements Combined

Signs & Portents #68

There are many sorcerers who devote themselves to mastering the elements and fashioning items that channel the eldritch force of nature. However, when the elements are not just tamed but combined, artefacts of rare power may be forged - with the interplay of these raw energies producing some quite startling results.

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Cadaver Draconis

Cadaver Draconis

cadaver draconis; n. Being a nutritious if slightly stale miscellany of entirely unofficial and discarded addenda for the Dragon Warriors RPG.

It seems like aeons have passed since Magnum Opus Press first breathed life into the revised version of the Dragon Warriors RPG.

Later in the Magnum Opus print run, a concept took form, of a mystical tome that would be known as the "Players' Book" or "Legends", which would enhance and revise significant aspects of the Dragon Warriors RPG.

This is not that book.

However, this book is mostly comprised of an almost fully-written core component from early drafts of the Players' Book. Over time, this material was replaced with even more cool stuff, and it eventually found its way to the proverbial cutting room floor at Dragon Warriors HQ.

Thus, the Dragon Warriors Players' Guide - as it was named when printed by Serpent King Games - was eventually published without the considerably lengthy Paths mechanic and evocative flavour text. In addition, a small selection of later rules and background material were also dropped.

All of this cut material has not been lost or forgotten, basically because in our humble opinion it is pretty darn good. Good enough, in fact, to justify publication.

This book is dedicated to all those Dragon Warriors fans who waited ever-so patiently for the long-overdue printing of the Dragon Wariors Players' Guide - this book is for you.

Long may your Dragon Warrior prosper!

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