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The Seers of Wyrd believe that the stars are woven into the fabric of fate and can be used to divine the present and the past. Certain stars in the sky, however, are not static, but move through the heavens and are believed to be weaving new threads into the fabric of fate - by tracking and interpreting the movements of these stars, the Seers of Wyrd make their predictions.


The year is broken up into 9 Houses, each representing a segment of the sky, and 6 moving stars are attributed to a specific aspect of the future. The presence of the Sun or Moon in each House makes a difference to the horoscope, too. To be considerd 'auspicious' a person must have 4 or more Aspects in their House at the same time.

The Houses

The Aspects


A horoscope consists of two section - a horoscope at birth and none or more auspicious periods or dates. The birth horoscope is the most complete, taking into account all of the aspects at the time of birth whereas the auspicious periods only consider the aspects in the character's House at the time. All horoscopes are calculated by identifying the position of the aspects on the date of the character's birth and the relative position of the aspects at the given date.

The position of all of the aspects, the Sun and the Moon (and the Moon's phase) were all determined randomly but are now fixed into the code so that they should be consistent between horoscopes.

Periods in a character's life are considered auspicious if four or more Aspects enter the character's House. However, the program will only look over an 80-year period from the character's birth for these. If the character finds a way to live longer than this, then the fates will not reveal any more about his destiny.

Limitations and Development

The initial release of this application just details the position of each Aspect at birth and the dates of the auspicious periods and leaves it to the GM to interpret it for the characters, but improved versions of this application will translate the positions into 'typical' horoscopey phrases and meanings.

This horoscope generator abides by a constant 366-day calendar, with 31 days in every month of Yeol, which is not quite canon. Please use advisedly.