The Cobwebbed Forest

Generate a Random Encounter

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All encounters generated by this application are taken from the random tables in the Bestiary (pp. 11-14). The 'Random' option generates a completely random encounter from the Bestiary with an equal chance to encounter a rat as a dragon. Use with care!

This application will also generate random treasure in line with the table in the main rulebook (p. 131). The random treasure generator is completely random and does not take into account the applicability of the treasure to the encounter. Remember also that large amounts of treasure are unlikely to be carried, but instead hidden in a lair. Plus, if a creature is carrying, for example, a magical weapon, it is likely to be using it to attack the PCs!

This random encounter generator should only be used as a tool to inspire GMs, not as a substitute for a properly written adventure - there should be more to adventures than combat and they should ideally be tailored to suit the characters. That said, a random encounter can spice up an adventure and keep both the players and the GM on their toes.

Also, random encounters challenge a GM to provide context and flavour and not all encounters need to end in combat. Consider the following suggestions: