The Cobwebbed Forest

Generate a Dragon Warriors Character

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(Max Rank = 15)
(Random Rank = 99)
(Non-Adventurer = 0)


The Dragon Warriors character generator takes away the hard work of creating a basic NPC - filling in the stats and skills of any official adventuring profession of the three adventuring races of any rank up to 15th. It is a very thorough application, taking into account all the rules and restrictions of a generated profession so you can use the NPC generated by this application with confidence. Selecting a zero-rank character will result in the Profession being ignored.

Please let me know if you feel these premises reduce the value of this application and what your preferred approach would be. And, of course, whilst this generator might come up with the numbers and abilities, the GM must still come up with the personality, motivations, and reactions to the PCs!

Lastly, if you notice any bugs or typos or would like me to consider adding additional/alternative functionality to this generator, please let me know.