The Cobwebbed Forest

Welcome to the Dragon Warriors Pavilion!

The Pavillion is a place of fun in the otherwise dark and dangerous Realm of Legend. Some games can be played in the Pavilion (such as Crown & Anchor), whilst others need to be taken away to be fully enjoyed (such as Legendopoly). Other Legend and Dragon Warriors themed games will be added to the Pavilion periodically.

Crown & Anchor

Play a few rounds of Crown & Anchor and imagine you're in the seaport of Glissom.

Dark Labyrinth

Test yourself in the Dark Labyrinth.


Play a noble merchant travelling across Legend to secure the most valuable markets for his goods.

Rise of the Magi

Guide your young magus to power in the strategy game set in Krarth.

Text Adventure Game

An interactive text adventure game set in a small Elleslandic fief.