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For what are the Lands of Legend if not adventuring? In addition to the many published scenarios for Dragon Warriors, there is much adventure to be found in Legend. Within this section, find some adventuring principles to help you with your own adventure design, a fresh look at some of the old adventures, and some all-new adventures with which to challenge your players.

The content has been written for Games Masters only. Players should turn back now...

Principles of Adventure Design

Where better to start than a look at what makes for a well-written adventure, in the Cobwebbed Dragon's humble opinion only, of course.

Download the Principles of Adventure Design

Fabled Lands Blog

Dragon Warriors Adventures from Dave Morris

Dave Morris has already provided the Dragon Warrior with plenty of (published) adventure within the Lands of Legend, but also provides much more in his blog. I have indexed all of the relevant articles to make them all easy for GMs to find.

Browse the Dragon Warriors adventures from Dave Morris's blog

Fan-Written Dragon Warriors Adventures

More than just Dave Morris are writing adventures for Dragon Warriors, and I have collected the main repositories of fan-written Dragon Warriors adventures here.

Browse the repositories of fan-written Dragon Warriors adventures

Dragon Warriors Sleeping Gods

Sleeping Gods Adventures

As part of playtesting my Dragon Warriors house rules and professions, I updated the first three of the Sleeping Gods adventures with additional scenes and flavour. If you have purchased Sleeping Gods, then you are welcome to download these updated adventures for your own campaigns.

Explore the updated Sleeping Gods adventures

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